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  • Canvas shoes take jeans, is the eternal truth!

    Canvas shoes is not only a manifestation of cultural tension, but also an extension of lifestyle symbols, canvas shoes to take jeans is the eternal truth, there is a full of spiritual energy, gives the tension of the weapons, everyone canvas shoes have different reasons , But the most classic reason is that it can be wild, no taboo, very casual, canvas shoes flat, red bottom pumps you can down to earth, people feel very close to the ground, easy and free, comfortable simple, generous good-looking, no matter christian louboutin outlet what time canvas shoes are men and women Health's favorite, super love Oh! Regardless of your tide male enough enough seniority, a stylish shoes can give you the overall effect with a lot of points, with casual pants let leisure upgrade, and with jeans, the more yuppie style Fan. In short is the effect of wild, fashion effect properly. Very suitable for young people wearing casual shoes, small white shoes is very wild, wearing basically do not pick people, at the same time with jeans casual pants are very type, the size of the shoes appropriate, but also more fit, not tired feet do christian louboutin sneakers not wear feet.

    High value, good quality, uppercase bold wild, on the feet of super comfortable said, wearing shoes comfort is definitely the focus of consideration, there is this pair of shoes have a magic, that is, Wear and practical, do not buy it is a pity! Is a classic casual shoes series, the main color with a solid color design, selection of high quality materials, has a comfortable and soft sense of wearing and breathable, especially for men wearing all year round, very practical and beautiful one. See this jeans, to feel uninhibited handsome, light blue denim, Slim pants type, very with a personality. The hole is cut off the sense of random, more of some leisure feeling. Patch jeans ~ very style of a pair of jeans, calf design personalized opening patch ~ Although the process is very cumbersome, but in order to force a small suffering to what is it? Wash the color so that the pants on the surface with a rich sense of the times, jeans if you do not do the old ~ I am sorry to wear out shoes with red soles the door to do the old washed blue twill jeans, nine feet pants type, very comfortable, this pants bold use Red, yellow and green tricolor paint technology, bold and innovative street style, fabric with soft and soft denim fabric, suitable for summer wear.

    2017-06-23 11:36:46
  • Do not bend your feet, sandals to wear

    Looking at the streets of those heavy shoes wearing boys, after meditation, you will find that the choice of sandals is your most choice, hot days, why should grievance feet, and quickly put the sandals to wear! The pursuit of fashionable trendy with the same also need to consider the skin is not it? There are texture of the boys, even wearing sandals, will not reduce their image, those who still struggling to avoid the sandals with boys, wearing hot shoes is wrong, sandals are very classic and wild, and Convenient to the extreme, driving, play can easily control. No sandals in the summer that is not complete! Although for many office workers, sandals are not formal, but after the weekend and after work you still need such a sense of full sense of sandals to release your tired and grievance of the day's feet. This summer if red bottom heels you do not have sandals in the shoe, then quickly stir up! Comfortable and breathable summer with a good thing, what reason to refuse it?

    Sandals are not only women's summer exclusive, retro sandals set the price and the value of one of the sandals, easy to create a stylish style, handsome exercise sandals show field, highlighting your extraordinary taste, with a masculine charm, so handsome Type male. Double Velcro can freely adjust louboutin sale the comfortable feet for the feet, so that feet are not bound, simple design fashion, highlight the grade. Feet wear, so you enjoy the unprecedented comfort. Selection of high quality first layer of leather made of sandals, comfortable and cool. Comfortable shock-absorbing lining, stylish and convenient Velcro, to your summer is not the same sense of foot body More fashionable young tide ride sandals, very casual sandals, worn on the feet like walking around the beach, very cool, so that walking is not hot, with their own arbitrary, you can wear to play basketball, especially free. Scorching sun in the summer, enjoy a trace of warm and comfortable, comfortable shoes toughness and flexibility is very good, not easy to deformation. Fight the design of fashion Fan full. Comfortable material with soft soles, ergonomic design, walking in the road is not tired, pointed shape more unique. Fashionable shape, is a very popular part of the recent period, very convenient shoes. Leather material, smooth surface, easy to clean, the preparation of sandals unique style of personality, there will be no shock shoes embarrassment. Summer Baotou sandals, is the first choice for tide men outdoor recreational sports. Highlight the leisure style, take the head version of the type, play anti-kick effect. Do not reveal the toe but hollow design models, so you put christian louboutin outlet on breathable comfort, not dull stuffy.

    Baotou sandals, outdoor leisure sports leather sandals, a non-slip effect, thick men's sandals, rubber outsole, put on the feet more comfortable, is the tide male summer shoes, let you cool summer. Comfortable round and perfect arc design, rubber outsole wear louboutin sale flexible, the appearance of fine fashion, hit color Baotou, full of youthful vitality, regardless of work casual shopping are the best partner.

    2017-06-22 11:29:12
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