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  • Men's shoes big fight it!

    Boys look over! Discount season, shoes are no exception friends ~ men's accessories, the status of shoes can be described as pivotal. Autumn and winter must have the style: canvas shoes, shoes, sports shoes ... ... all have. Such as shoes, if you do not know christian louboutin outlet in the war to start a pair of what color, then a pair of classic white shoes is absolutely wrong, it can be universal with all kinds of jeans, fashionable and convenient. Come and see it ~ choose high-quality leather, comfortable and easy to wear, soft and delicate, good package performance, comfortable and breathable, thick warm hair, as shoes inside, more comfortable and warm. Organic cotton lace, environmentally friendly and durable, comfortable and durable, high-quality full-grain leather and matte leather and nylon fabric with a comfortable, durable and durable, environmentally friendly and comfortable rubber outsole, with greater grip. Select the flexible leather, vamps clear, full color smooth, so that the whole shoe presents texture style, fine polished, the texture is clearly visible, wearing comfortable, anti-collision damping function, walking smooth tired feet, comfortable, Protect your toes safely.

    With canvas upper, thin and comfortable, breathable, hit color design, more with youthful vigor, soles, outside LOGO, shoelaces with the same color, wear anti-skid soles, so you can rest assured to be a city ranger. Warm and stylish, high-quality rubber outsole durable wear and tear, easy to easy folding, wearing a light damping louboutin shoes anti-skid effectively reduce the energy consumption, give your feet more comfortable experience. The first layer of leather, feel smooth, soft, flexible, clear pores visible, with a natural breathable performance, wear anti-wrinkle performance, extraordinary texture, high-end atmosphere, mesh inside, good moisture absorption, soft, warm, antistatic The Ultra-light outsole, set the rebound, shock, wear, slip function in one, the inside of the coffee yarn, through the low temperature and high pressure made of environmental protection patent, can engage in adsorption odor, antibacterial quick drying breathable magic effect The Sheepskin retro and leather texture collision stitching, with a different kind of cool tide fashion, ultra-light outsole, fine double car suture, intimate double reinforcement, with a comfortable and excellent quality. The use of rubber at the end of wear-resistant wear and tear, wearing comfortable, anti-skid shade design, improve the grip, damping anti-skid, wearing walking, comfortable peace of mind, a good warmth, and antistatic.

    Selection of the first layer of leather, with good louboutin outlet strength, shoes with red soles flexibility and technology, comfortable with a good permeability, superb car sewing, anti-skid wear rubber at the end, so you more comfortable and comfortable.

    2017-05-26 11:09:32
  • Boots, to the most fashionable autumn and winter you

    Autumn and winter season, each MM are ultimately a pair of boots for their feet warm, but a wide range of styles, people pick the eye, always tangled endless. The following MM for everyone to bring this year's popular new boots ... ... a pair of simple black boots is every girl must have a certain amount of shoes, to catch a simple pair of jeans is very type, and quarterly Can be put out to wear. In short, in the autumn and winter approaching, choose a pair of comfortable and stylish boots it. Zipper boots red bottom heels plus zipper design to wear off more convenient, not like some shoes just wear off will cost the boss of the strength of this pair of boots heel is a certain height, nor as high heels as tired Feet, just a good height comfortable and comfortable feet do not tired, but also a good modification of the leg type, will not put your legs piercing the feeling of a small short leg ~ thick red sole shoes with bare boots seven design tassel jeans, and To the ankle of the patent leather boots is born a pair of modified leg lines elongated lower body proportion. Black models is the most classic style, with jeans rate chic, if necessary, rolled up trousers will be more handsome Oh ~ whether with a fork dress or skirt, are very appropriate, both sexy and cool.

    Plus velvet belt short boots boots autumn and winter season, many girls will try A word skirt + black stockings + boots wear, very feminine. For the dwarf's welfare. Waterproof platform boots, handsome, with wide leg pants chic rate. With a skirt fleeing has a literary British Fan children. Plus velvet Martin boots nine pants red bottom shoes for women to high-heeled boots design completely exposed, and nine points Tannin seamless convergence, a little boy's rate of wear law, in line with like the heroes of the heroic girl! When the well-behaved college style wind pleated with handsome boots, fresh style mix and match the law, and then put on jacket jacket, perfect fashion autumn look to complete it! This is a popular pajamas dress, or long chiffon dress, soft and elegant material, in fact, really like a pajamas to wear, this time we must pick a pair of personalized shoes to match, not only can create hard and soft And the visual freshness of the visual, but also for the overall soft style to add some neat!

    Boots high shoes to a black tights with high-heeled boots, is super thin, long legs long black boots wear France! If you want to Chic more, this season, the main style contains a partial head of the shoe type, boots up slightly extended to the calf and ankle in the middle of the position, the upper choice of retro bright patent leather models, with black Slim pants was thin! Chelsea boots choose eight or so length of the jeans, just to reveal some of the most appropriate boots. If you want some fashionable avant-garde, then this year you have to engage in a wide leg or micro la jeans it! Recommended to eight style is better, with a fashionable boots, do not want to color is difficult! In the boots with a small tide: the trousers rolled up 1 cm, with an ankle boots, make the overall shape lively and not boring! With a short section of cowboy single product, can be matched with the same color socks in the boots, creating a sense of hierarchy. Want to show legs long, remember to pick a V-style boots, minutes out of the effect! Trousers with burr style this year is particularly popular, catch fashionable remember to prepare a! Before and after the zipper with the boots tight jeans with boots will make the legs look more slender, and red sole shoes choose the dark line can enhance the modification effect. Wearing a black long coat, under the pencil pants, feet tied with boots; another look is with a short boots with gray sweater and black tights, beige coat to bring a high degree of minimalist sense.

    2017-05-25 11:13:19
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