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  • Want to beautiful not tired feet, Rome sandals to help out

    Summer finally brought it! Replace the boots, shoes, shoes, and canvas shoes, this season only need a comfortable sandals is enough. Hot summer, feet should be the perfect fresh and relaxed, so choose sandals, is absolutely the most sensible. But if you want to wear rough and uncomfortable feeling, we must choose the Roman series of sandals, it allows you to easily wear a simple and comfortable effect. So Xiaobian today to give you several Roman sandals, so you are easy and comfortable feet, simple and comfortable. Especially nice sandals, a look at the fashion has a feminine paragraph. In front of the toes of the word with a design, a good modification of the foot contour lines, and rough with the elements, so you wear it is comfortable and comfortable. Sandals should wear this design, easy to walk, flat elements, the christian louboutin above double belt design, are to become an important tool for the modification of foot type means, whether you are feet wide or feet, wearing such sandals are particularly suitable The Very personalized trend of sandals, clip red bottom pumps the foot of the elements, more than a bit of personality charm, flat design wear more relaxed and comfortable, this sandals is absolutely free how are with fashionable atmosphere. Sandals are full red bottom pumps of leisure index, but also contains a full sense of fashion. Velcro design, wearing a christian louboutin sale particularly generous and easy to wear. Simple design, with you feel different kind of fashion charm effect.

    Woman wearing a strap with the heel, the total distribution of an elegant style and rich retro style. In front of the word, just right to modify the contours of the toes, and heel design, not only high and the effect is also full of charm. For the foot width and fat girls, this cross-band sandals is particularly appropriate. Because of the cross with the modification, so that you better modified the foot type, inclusive of the shortcomings, played a significant effect of thin Oh! Ankle place with a word buckle design, better modified foot profile, in front of the word also appears to be very elegant. Thick with elements, so you walk easily, so generous sandals, especially the beauty of fashion, not to be missed Oh!

    2017-07-21 11:05:34
  • High heels have "poison"! Do you dare to wear it?

    Woman's high heels, like a man's smoke, knowing that the body is christian louboutin heels also harmful to love.

    High heels will give us what negative impact we bring?

    1, the most intuitive, foot pain, tired feet, heel wear, back pain, often heard a friend said a word, really want to throw away this broken shoes, and then the United States and the United christian louboutin sneakers States sleep.

    2, it is easy to hurt, because the bearing points are in the soles of the feet, walking accidentally stepped on the debris or walking body stance is not consistent with the footsteps and easy to fall.

    3, can be very responsible that the above two negative effects are the smallest, for us the greatest harm is to hide the hazards, invisible hazards, is often wearing high heels left slowly when the accumulation of worry. There are statistics, people walking time, feet bear the full weight of our body. And high heels force point, is our forefoot and toes, if long-term wear high heels will bring toe inflammation, the United States foot deformation, pelvic pressure increased, making the waist soreness, and even affect the birth of children, which are long Long-term wear high heels caused. If not in advance to prevent the fact that when the time will be very crazy!

    ?High heels so bad, why do we still reluctant to her?

    1, dignified manner, wearing high heels will be very natural people rise chest abdomen, highlights the temperament, looks more tall, more beautiful.

    2, enhance self-confidence, high heels is not suitable for walking, heels with red bottoms and have to maintain a good posture shape, giving a careful, serious, professional image, greatly enhance the personal charm index, also more confident up.

    3, the occasion requirements, some companies expressly required to wear high heels, and some occasions also need to wear high heels, such as some dance, wedding, etc.

    ?How to choose a pair of suitable high heels?

    1,18 years of age is not recommended to wear high heels, according to the statistics of the human body development at the age of 25 when the basic shape, try to control the time to wear high heels, not to wear, usually as little as possible to wear, to avoid the bad impact on the shoes with red soles body.

    2, try on time, every day 15:00 -16 points, walk around 10 minutes try to really feel comfortable fit

    3, heel selection, the human health limit is 7 cm with high, usually selected 5 cm below more appropriate.

    4, the shoe type selection, because the forefoot will bear most of the weight of the body, it is recommended to select the toe slightly loose shoes, to the feet to stay enough space, if you feel uncomfortable to add a soft insole, reduce the pressure on the soles of the feet.

    5, it is best to choose the leather production of shoes, has a good permeability, not easy to sweat, texture is more soft, not easy to hurt.

    2017-07-20 11:17:38
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