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  • Spring ten miles, as Mushroom your next pair of fine shoes

    Warm in the United States and the United States in the spring, whether it is elegant and elegant high-heeled shoes or simple bottom of the shallow mouth shoes, can make dating, shopping, travel easily with carefree. Spring to the beauty of the little fairies who can not wait to take off the bloated cotton shoes, shoes comfortable, in order to wave all day long ah ~ in the United States and the United States in the spring, whether it is elegant and elegant high-heeled shoes or simple Bottom of the shallow mouth shoes, can make dating, shopping, travel easily with carefree. Spring breeze is not as good as a pair of fine shoes, then, small fairies who quickly put on your delicate shoes it! Good-looking temperament is the king!

    Toe design is elegant small round; ultra-fiber material inside the breathable sweat; heel with the fashion crystal with a look very attractive to ask yo! Soles with anti-skid wear rubber sole! And then safe! Single shoes round full of toe, comfortable with the. Dynamic, free and easy! Comfortable and relaxed degree, to create a full creative sexy wearing a single product, tactfully cut lines, showing a soft female feelings, whether you want to match what style of clothes, it will bring you unexpected surprises Oh!

    17 spring new British wind retro low-heeled shoes, high street for the design concept, into the season popular elements for the visual vane, leather material yo, with a variety of small mood, regardless of with wide leg pants or dress are Is very nice?

    The world is so big, want to see? First to have a comfortable shoes! This British wind with a single shoe, uppers with high-quality materials, high-grade texture, good ventilation, dust and water easy to take care of. Comfortable heel, the angle is just, for a long time is not tired This is a lot of crush are looking forward to the best. Simplicity is not simple and rough, successful life from nothing to promising, the design of shoes is the same, no longer blindly pursue exaggeration, but to give it the soul of fashion. It uses a shiny material as a fabric, polished fine, shiny shiny!

    In fact, christian louboutin heels the shoes is also a highly anticipated landscape, this single shoes with a square rough with, representing the architectural sense of the building, rough with long legs, but also relatively comfortable, stylish and comfortable two affordable! Soft and comfortable tendon at the end, you can roll up the shoes, giving a 360-degree soft experience! Lost heart tendon outsole, soft and comfortable, enhanced wear resistance; in addition to Peas massage insoles, fit the soles of the feet, increase comfort! Lock the process, carefully sewing, and even followed by three-dimensional cut line Oh! Plush touch the most able to reach the hearts of girls, this single shoes, toe with hair ball decoration, hand cut, soft and soft, do not fade, do not change color, full of texture! Do not pick clothes, fashion wild shoes, like how to take on how to take ~

    2017-03-24 14:15:25
  • Beautiful sports shoes, comfortable and nice

    For some of my sister, every day to wear high heels is an essential thing to go out. But there are some people who love sports shoes, unless the necessary occasions, otherwise it is the daily sports shoes leave the body. Do not feel that sports shoes is christian louboutin shoes just wear it, sports shoes can also reflect their own fashion taste, but also can be cool very dazzling, very trendy. It is better to hurry to choose a pair of beautiful sports shoes, walking in the spring sun and run it! Lace tattoo leather upper, exquisite fashion round design, shoe strap with elastic design, elastic natural, inside the ultra-fiber skin design, soft and comfortable, soft rubber base, can be bent, and constantly bottom, 3-5cm pine cake bottom, Long and thin, toe pattern stitching, so that the overall personality full, black and white super classic super wild Oh

    Round shoes, in line with most of the Asian women's foot type, stitching fabric with matte leather, simple and generous star pattern stitching, but also highlight the different shoes, the use of cotton material classic lace, so that the surface looks very Texture, heel sponge shoes buckle, to prevent grinding feet, wearing a natural rubber backing, all the original lines, anti-skid more wearable, brown is not outdated color, light green feel a small fresh. The biggest advantage of sports shoes is breathable and comfortable, this shoe can be said to be breathable good leader, absolutely not dull, coupled with hit the color with a very stylish and dynamic, and the color is still a lot of style, you Absolutely can choose their favorite style, thick bottom to help in the high at the same time also very trend

    To say that last year, which shoes, the most fire of course, is a super-sought after dirty dirty shoes, this shoe is one of the models, a little dirty taste of the super trend, especially in line with our young people's aesthetic point of view, outside the five-pointed star pattern Very nice, with the toe of the grainy full of design intentions, you indispensable a shoe

    2017-03-24 14:08:26
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