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  • Come take a look, your white shoes still popular in place yet

    Although fashionable women are more like new and old, but have to admit that they really want to encounter something they really like, or want to be able to long, longchamp, make up for the new three years and three years it does not have to, at least to ensure that a longer period of time , The best is waiting for you have decided to let it retired, it still retains a higher fashion popularity, so take a closer look, your white shoes still popular it? Open aside the thick black eye-catching fresh, striped hollow Rome style is still quite classic, but with youth fashion fell in love, classic also learn some new tricks, True personality together, the perfect interpretation of the classic play from romance is really shocking. When you clean the cabinet of old shoes, is not still lamented the time had worn pointed shoes, in addition to the toe is not up to the normal length of the stairs, there is no sense of streamline, which can tip Graceful coquettish look at the parrot, big-name personality phase pretty literature and art, especially the intellectual preferred petty beauty. Genuine hollow carved gauze lining, the real elegant christian louboutin heels is not stylish, but what grade can reach sophistication, romance without losing the bottom of the grade, the most beautiful is the style can be exquisite, fresh and christian louboutin shoes politely revealed is the youth attractive sweet playful, passion Overflowing.

    Also know who christian louboutin said the fisherman's shoes is not on the table of leisure, implication, this is by no means the first choice when playing golf, but hanging neck, bare shoulders, can become a green shade courtesan leisurely landscape, hit color tied Even with the fisherman's shoes just why soy sauce can not play Fun expensive high-end, take-off one-third Art Fan children. Because I am familiar with it. Can not see the new version of style and streamline, the most pure of youth in those years, frankly yet Jiaohan, any change of fashion, the classic can not be replaced after all, simply love, at any time meet It will not be too late. In the eyes of the elderly can not understand why the good-end leisure will become a small pointed child, the round is not more comfortable, the truth is cl shoes not bad at all, but we play this stuff after all called fashion, asakuchi , Creative highlight leisure can be light and elegant Qing Shuyi.

    Long leg tall tall is not wrong, wrong is wrong you still wear a supreme classic stilettos, called peer is not tall and mighty male companions feel so-so, when the situation is not as optimistic about the open side of the small pointed to the more intimate, ladies Intellectual elegant atmosphere, of course, full of good drops. Health is greater than the days of beauty, compared to the fashion dazzling Ambilight, pure sports gesture more say, especially walking tide jogging heat, the achievements of the sports shoes honor pet, it seems that even a pair of simple extreme coconut shoes , Showing up is the health of people up to tattoos.

    2017-11-16 10:22:56
  • Classic wild trendy shoes, non-them

    If you make a series of various types of shoes number, ranked first in Xiaobian heart of christian louboutin none other than Martin boots. A pair of good-looking Martin boots in the autumn and winter to wear really tide full of ordinary clothes because with a pair of Martin boots immediately became a color, and wearing Martin boots feel that they can span thousands of mountains, this feeling is great . In addition to Martin boots, sports shoes can be discharged into the top three favorite shoes, sports shoes like an old friend, in many ordinary days, wearing sports shoes shopping or sports, not necessarily very good color but very red bottom heels comfortable. Shoes are the heart of Xiaobian shoes, just choose the right style, with a formal dress can be very formal, with trendy models can still tide sense, super practical. Xiaobian each one or two types of choices are worth starting with, we can refer to prepare for red bottom shoes for men the autumn and winter season. Martin boots look very classic, that no matter how far it goes, it can be with us. Of course, the shoes are very nice, full of tactile appearance, very tide to wear Fan, simple jeans with a very color, with slacks also look good. Of course, its material is also very good, the choice of cattle split leather production, this cortex strong durable, not fragile, easy care, but also feel very comfortable feet. Wipe color design trendy retro, shoes in line with the Asian feet, even more comfortable wearing clothes, walking comfort. The details are great, with exquisite lines and great texture.

    Choose the dark autumn and winter sports shoes will be more suitable for dark spots, on the one hand more easy to take care of, on christian louboutin heels the other hand autumn and winter colors darker, with darker will be more harmonious. This sneaker design is very classic, very good with the style, does not look too sporty, everyday wear completely good-looking, simple with a pair of jeans is very comfortable, the classic N word design is also full of tide, the color is also very nice Dark gray with black. Feel comfortable, well wrapped, it is worth starting. Very good shoes, shoes, simple design, wear very male model. Choose crisp leather production, good texture, and comfortable breathable, the surface has a layer of gloss, more sense of superiority. Choose a traditional craft, Mark suture, seemingly modest but to make shoes more refined and durable. Shoes lines are very smooth, flowing lines, to create a comfortable experience. In addition to the classic black color, there are dark brown to choose from, both colors are very good looking. Set of shoes is also very good looking, there is a lazy and stylish feeling. This shoe is very special, deliberately used to do the old craft, oil wax gloss and fine leather pattern, with a sense of fashion. The use of matte leather to create a wax wax matte texture, toe tongue and heel part, with a manual rub color processing, making it look more retro-resistant, looks textured, but also look stylish and generous.

    2017-11-14 10:11:15
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