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  • Fall in love with snow boots, into the warm world!

    Every year to winter, Xiaobian will be very caring for yourself a beautiful snow boots, why not? It is high in color, ultra-warm, full style and has excellent thermal performance, Xiaobian talk to you today, the general trend of winter snow boots style! Simple and casual leather smooth snow boots give a very warm and quiet feeling, just like the afternoon warm sun as comfortable, the most important thing is christian louboutin heels to be very wild! Fur one style is a lot of street influx of people are very like, this mix and match looks very cool, with a pile of stockings will have a little literary style temperament! Another is that in the mouth to reveal a lot of plush, really warm thermal effect, there is a feeling of soft Moe! Very high value of a wool one bread shoes, fabric style and texture are very good leather material, soft and comfortable wearing lamb wool, caring ankle care, high softness rubber outsole is very comfortable to wear!

    Frosted leather material has a very good feel, full of velvet inside the warmth of your winter, the design of the fur one is really high, with brown, sand and black three options are very wild ! Unique asymmetrical design will not crash, ultra-soft plush fluffy fluffy, high-quality anti-fur fabric to create high quality warm boot body, comfortable flat is also great! Plus velvet warm inside a warm winter, coupled with exquisite flower design makes this snow boots full of girls heart! Unique sheepskin one shape has an excellent warmth, comfortable soft upper and inside the super warm, clean upper without any embellishment is also very eye-catching! Very simple design of a snow boots, lazy version of the type is easy to wear off, followed by a little cute plush feathers. Suede material is very warm, because it is sewing shoes, so good cl shoes quality! Snow boots is the most powerful point can be concave shape, height design all their own control, version of the width is very loose, it will be very comfortable, simple solid color louboutin shoes sale design with black leggings are extremely seductive! Needless to say, I know how warm this snow boots wool, all plush ah! Small sleek toe has a warm temperament, with a button, with a buckle and the basic style can choose!

    2017-12-22 10:00:44
  • Take a look at the new season Martin boots

    The arrival of autumn and winter, all the wear also followed a new one. Of course, in the autumn and winter, the most essential Martin boots, together with the new. Today, Xiaobian's preface does not talk nonsense, Amway directly to several of you, red bottom shoes for women this fall and winter on the new Martin boots! Have a look, what are the new style and what christian louboutin outlet new design! Must Have: Take a look at the season's new Martin boots! Martin boots, whether you want to create cool handsome kiddie wind, or wild street style, or pure and lovely wind, it can easily hold you A place to wear out. christian louboutin shoes Has a shock absorbent insole breathable, but also insole insole insole, making the insole is not easy to deformation. Round headdress Martin boots, the upper has a gradient of color, it is eye-catching and beautiful, highlighting the distinctive unique sense of avoiding the embarrassment of the collision. Uses a high quality first layer of leather upper, with a comfortable breathable and wear good wear experience. Glue-free hand stitching, but also to reinforce the durability of the shoe itself wear durable. And this punk street Martin boots, with a seven-hole lace design, after all, rough and beautiful, but also easy to adjust tightness. Stone surface texture of non-slip tendon soles, but also enhance the grip, making shoes more solid non-slip. Vamp using the first layer of high quality leather, comfortable and breathable and not easy to deformation, wearing an excellent sense. Leather, using a sheepskin leather material, making the clothes with a very texture; classic round neck design, add retro taste; and side pocket design, pay attention to practicality, but also pay attention to the overall appearance , Used to match Martin boots, do not have a unique sense.

    Jeans, used to match Martin boots is the most good. It not only has a retro micro-speaker design, coupled with irregular trim, fashionable degree is very red bottom shoes for women explosive table; plus nine pants design, but also make it and Martin boots with more perfect.

    2017-12-20 10:24:53
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