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  • How is the mix of shoes more fashionable?

    Some people even if you pass by you, you will not find or pay attention; but there are some people passing by you, you may not consciously look at. This is not related to the value of the value, and more cause you to pay attention to his wear. A person will wear, then some of his shortcomings will be well covered. So learn to wear really is a very important thing, whether you are going to interview or go to the party when the ride will give people left a very deep impression. Wear a lot, such as the choice of clothes, shoes, the choice of pants and some small accessories. Some people may be obsessed with the quality of clothes, comfort, fashionability; and some people will be dedicated to the shoes reflect the exquisite sense. Today, Xiao Bian wanted to tell you about shoes with it! Some people love to mix and match style, because the mix and match the wind can be a good manifestation of their own personality and understanding of fashion. How to mix that shoes is enough fashion that? You may choose a super classic canvas shoes to match the wide leg pants; or a christian louboutin heels pair of small white shoes with a suit pants. Although this mix is bit confusing, but it can show a different wear effect!

    Black and white color is undoubtedly super classic. Thick soles of the design so that this shoe looks more high. The design of the shoe is also very touching. Put on such a fashion shoes, do not want to fashion are very difficult Oh So hurry to join the shopping cart! One of the highlights of the design of shoes is its tongue design, very beautiful with the curve. Splash of water design, comfortable and type. Selection of the first layer of leather and suede stitching, stylish type, to create a three-dimensional sense of shoes full. Very simple lazy shoes. Flower design is undoubtedly a highlight of this lazy shoes. Shallow mouth design can better show you your beautiful ankle. The whole looks super-type texture of a music shoes, really good! A pedal with a thick bottom of the design, put it, walking will be more sense and comfort Oh. The design of the upper is christian louboutin shoes also super. Like a crocodile scales sparkling. Toe design is also very beautiful curve.

    Business shoes at first glance is very atmospheric feeling. Shallow mouth of the cut more fashionable taste, and it can well reveal the perfect ankle. Rubber soles red bottom shoes for women more non-slip. cl shoes Cowhide material so that this shoe looks more texture. Very skin color of a plate shoes, the color design is very suitable for autumn and winter such a season. Toe design also has a strong fashion atmosphere. Very popular a board shoes, retro flavor is also very strong. Have you moved to you? Sports shoes on a look very texture. The use of new research and development was thin last, showing the perfect curvature, good to wear non-pressure feet, soft and more comfortable. Sole with double non-slip rubber outsole, soles soft, suitable for long walking. With a soft and comfortable breathable material, texture clear, delicate texture. Comfortable inside, as if stepping on the cotton-like comfort. Anti-skid wear-resistant texture design, comfortable and flexible foot feel, cushioning shock effect. Every angle is so pleasing.

    2017-10-21 08:56:16
  • What is the practice of cotton slippers? How do cotton slippers?

    Cotton slippers practice we all know? red bottom heels I believe this is a lot of people are concerned about the topic, what is the cotton slippers do? Next, let us work together to understand the practice of cotton slippers. Cotton slippers practice difficult? In fact, do their own cotton slippers do not imagine so difficult, in fact, is a very simple thing, as long as I understand the practice of cotton slippers, step by step can be completed. Cotton slippers practice the first step: first prepared a pair of suitable slippers soles, and then use the cardboard to accurately copy the soles down, and cut according to pattern 2 (one is to see the face, need to consider the color, the best fabric There is elastic, the other is the end, the use of waste cloth, but thick points), the other need to cut a large piece of clear cotton (not too thick) or thin sponge, there is a small 1.5cm circle of hard cloth or Hot cloth on the cloth with cloth. Cotton slippers practice the second step: surface, cotton, hard lining, the end of cloth stacked in turn, and then fixed around the side of the week, while the side of the stitch to put some cotton to the middle. Cotton slippers practice red bottom shoes for women the third step: the next is to do the upper, the first pattern of the upper painted out, and then cut the face of a piece, a child, there is a clear cotton, plus a layer of hard lining, Such as canvas instead, so do the upper type, not soft collapse.

    Cotton slippers practice the fourth step: to do a good slope suture to do the soles up. Cotton christian louboutin sneakers slippers practice the fifth step: the soles and vamps together with a week of rolling, the first stitching in the shoe front, the second stitching the best hand stitching, the pull of the strip is tightly fixed in the soles of the back can be. Now, do you know the practice of cotton slippers? Is not it started a little heart? Heart as action, and quickly in accordance with the above description of the practice of cotton slippers, sewing their own family for a pair of warm cotton slippers, I believe this winter, you and your family, your lover will be because of this pair of warm cotton slippers And not a trace of chill, warm from the head to the feet, right, do not forget to practice the practice of cotton slippers to good friends ah!

    2017-10-19 09:56:01
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